Pay attention to your clients, not your paperwork

The SyrEx app scans QR codes, fingerpints, and barcodes to identify clients and record information quickly. Services are simply selected on screen with a click, allowing field workers to spend more time interacting with clients and providing services.


You no longer need physical files and notebooks to track services provided to clients in the field. Instead of keeping paper records, everything you need is in the SyrEx cloud, allowing you to concentrate on the substance of your work instead of record-keeping.

Data is in the database - from the very beginning

Instead of transporting paper records to the office, retyping data, and missing information or making errors, your data is uploaded immediately the first time you submit it. As soon as a field worker enters data in the SyrEx app on a smartphone or tablet screen, the data is in the database.

Your data is secure and always available

All data is continuously uploaded to cloud-based data storage whenever the mobile device is online. It is protected by the highest level of data security. At the same time, all data is automatically synchronized with all mobile devices in the field; every field worker always has up-to-date information (such as a list of all clients, even if they were reached by other field workers). Since there are no paper records involved in data storage, there is no risk of accidental data loss.


The SyrEx app comes with a dashboard that is updated in real time as soon as field-level information is uploaded from the mobile device. The dashboard provides summary information of field-level operations and can guide everyday activities, program planning, and monitoring. Data is continuously analyzed and can be summarized and provided in regularly customized reports.

Informing program strategy

Now it take few moments to analyse the data whenever you need it. There is no waiting time for quarterly or annual reports. Decision makers can have insights as the program evolve when they observe dashboard which will deliver descriptive information, frequencies and crosstabs automatically. More sophisticated analysis can be done by downloading the datasets as they build up.